WYSA Travel Training by Grade





Fall 2019 TBG Practice Schedule


Coaches will not need any equipment for Training by Grade sessions. We will use Pugg nets and the WYSA bank of cones and pennies for all sessions. Coaches/Players will be expected to collect the equipment and bring to the field house at the end of each session.

Field Space
Each Coach has been allocated at least 1/4 of a 7v7 field.

Coaches should allow at least 20minutes for their team to scrimmage at the end of each session. Dependent upon numbers, coaches should play 4v4 across ½ of a 6v6 field. Alternatively coaches can choose to use the pugg nets and finish with a four goal game.

Session Plans
Each coach should have a printed copy of the session plan with them at each session to reference. Coaches will run through the session plan with their own team.

Coaching Philosophy – No Laps, No Lines, No Lectures

Exercise, in any form should not be used as a punishment. Players will be asked to sit out for a short period for any misbehavior. Wherever possible all players should be involved in an activity. Lines should be kept to a maximum of 4, when there is 2 coaches WYSA recommends setting up another area for the activity, so players do not waste time sitting out.  (Don’t overload the players with information)