Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wilmington Middle School Library, Wilmington, MA. 01887


Directors Present: Manny Mulas, David O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, Eric Flynn, Melissa Doherty, Paul Malvone, Dave Foresyth, Bob Regan, Joe Maiella, Dave Oatis, Dave Zaya, Tom Card and Sean Broussard.

Directors Absent: Bill Lanagan

Guests: Eric Redder



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm by Eric Flynn
  2. President Opening Remarks:
    1. Zero tolerance policy must be followed by all parents the entire season.  Eric will address this in an end of season email to parents.
    2. Board presence should be high at 80’s night and Field Day events.  Please make sure that we have a high attendance at planned future fundraising events.
  3. Secretary:
    1. Motion: To accept the May Board of Directors meeting minute as presented.  Moved: Doherty, 2nd by Oatis, 12-0-1 Motion Passes.
    2. Next Constant Contact email will be sent after the 4th of July before Intown late fee kicks in, to advertise Summer Camps along with Field Day
    3. WYSA night at the Breakers set for 9/24.  Tickets are on sale now and WYSA has reserved a block of 75 tickets
  4. Treasurer
    1. Motion: To accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  Moved: Card, 2nd by Foresyth, 13-0-0 Motion Passes.
    2. May Financials will be distributed soon.  Compared to last year our financial numbers are looking good.
  5. Merchandise
    1. Discussed sponsors listed on the back of uniforms for travel, in town and Wildcats FC.  Merchandise will research options on obtaining sponsors for possibly putting on the Wildcat FC uniforms for Fall 2016.
    2. We are moving forward with Champions Choice Adidas practice and game kits
  6. Fields & Buildings
    1. We need to leave up one 11v11 and possibly leave up a few 6v6 goals for Summer Clinics.
  7. Concessions
    1. No updates to report during the meeting.
  8. Director of Coaching
    1. Wildcat FC- we are moving ahead with player placement evaluations on June 7th and June 8th.  We will push email communications to eligible kids to promote sign ups.
    2. WYSA board members will help with check-in process at Wildcat FC at Textron.
  9. VP of Administration
    1. No updates discussed.
  10. VP of Development
    1. No updates discussed.
  11. Travel
    1. Board Member roster & coach review night is set for June 24th
    2. Coach evaluation roster review night is set for June 15th and June 16th
    3. Initial gathering and crunching of PPE data has begun and holes have been identified and are being addressed.  We were missing many player evaluations from coaches.
    4. Initial travel subcommittee meetings are being held the week of June 6th.
    5. Middlesex meeting held on June 7th.  Nick will attend on behalf of WYSA.
    6. Commissioner Cup teams will be practicing on the fields post regular season.  Travel can distribute a listed to the BOD.
    7. Issues with BU14-1 team with coaches that was addressed and handled by the coach.  Zero tolerance policy needs to be observed by all parents attending games.
  12. Fundraising
    1. 80’s night went well.   It was a very profitable event for WYSA.  Next year we will look into a smaller venue and possibly changing the theme.
    2. Field Day- early bird registration will be set up soon and distributed to the membership.  We are expanding the 3v3 tournament and including grade 7 and 8 again.
  13. Travel Refs
    1. No updates discussed.
  14. Intown & Intown Refs
    1. Intown registration for Fall will open up on June 6th.
    2. Grade 1 will have full games in the Fall on Saturdays and a separate day for training by grade.
    3. In the Fall we will have Pre-K and Kinders play on Saturdays not Sundays.
  15. New Business
    1. Nothing was addressed
  16. Motion: To adjourn BOD meeting at 7:54 pm.  Motion passes 13-0-0.


Respectfully submitted,



Melissa Doherty