Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of April BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Bill Lanagan, Manny Mulas, David O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, Eric Flynn, Melissa Doherty, Paul Malvone, Dave Foresyth, Joe Maiella, Dave Oatis, Dave Zaya and Sean Broussard


Absent: Tom Card


6:09 pm – Quorum of 8 BOD members - meeting called to order by Eric Flynn


6:18 pm – Rich Pereira arrives


6:38 pm- Eric Redder arrives


7:12 pm - Nick Howie and Sean Broussard arrive


7:16 pm- Bob Regan arrives


7:26 pm- Melissa Doherty arrives


9:02 pm - Joe M leaves



BOD Motions: 


  • Motion by Lanagan, seconded by Mulas to accept the March meeting minutes.  Motion passes 8-0-0
  • Motion by Flynn, seconded by Maiella to have the 2 year uniform usage be postponed to 2017 once the uniform path forward is clear.  Motion passes 8-1-0.





  • We gave LAX Field #5 at the Shawsheen on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Whitefield.



  • Next Constant Contact email will be sent in early May

  • CORI & adult registration checks almost complete.Cut off is 4/4 for new intown coaches to register.



  • No updates as the Treasurer was not present at the meeting.



  • Travel Uniforms being ordered for new players


    Fields & Buildings

  • Dumpsters have been delivered

  • Lines have been painted on the fields



  • Waiting for water to be turned on by the town.

  • TOPS red tickets- we will track tickets through the end of the year and send count to TOPS at the end of the Spring

  • Mass Youth looked for WYSA to creatively sell water and report the findings.  WYSA will not be taking on any new initiative.

  • April camp- Paul will look into opening for a few hours each day to provide service to campers


    Director of Coaching

  • April Camp up to 63 participants


    VP of Administration

  • GNO was held on 4/3.Approximately 60 kids attended.The venue was great and everyone had a good time.

  • Concussion certification is progressing but will likely be finishing up right at season start.Travel and intown will be notified of any non-compliant coaches and will remediate.

  • Breakers tickets will be delivered next week.


    VP Development

  • We need to determine best times to have free coaching sessions to obtain higher coach and board participation.

  • Bridge year for 2nd grade coaches to potential 3rd grade coach process has been distributed to coaches for feedback.



  • Schedules are out for practices.

  • Player and coach ID cards will be handed out at Travel coach meeting

  • We discussed how we can make schedules easier for teams to use the player pass.

  • Travel coach meeting being held on April 4th at 8pm.



  • 80s Night- need ticket sale help from BOD to send out to their friends and travel/intown teams


    Travel Refs

  • No updates were provided.


    Intown & Intown Refs

  • Total numbers 486 players and 10d coaches.All Head coach spots are filled.Intown coaches meeting had good attendance and the breakout sessions were good.




  • 2016 -3v3 Field Day-When do we want to send the communication out to our membership and other towns

  • BOD member to run Field Day needs to be discussed

  • Motion by Foresyth, seconded by Pereira to accept grade based teams opposed to year based travel teams.Motion passes 12-0-1

  • Motion by Foresyth, seconded by Oatis to adjust section 13 of the travel policy to allow U10 maximum size to be 13 players and the maximum roster size for U12 be 16 players.

  • Motion by Foresyth seconded by Mulas (section 4) to up the single age groups for 7x7 for U9/U10 and for 9v9 for U11/U12 to align our policy with Mass Youth and Middlesex policies starting with the Fall of 2016.Motion passes 13-0-0

  • Motion by Foresyth seconded by Pereira to change section 14 of the travel policy to have travel program coordinators communicate player and coach placement to parents.Motion passes 13-0-0





    9:12 pm – Motion by Zaya, 2nd by Howie to leave executive session. Motion passes 12-0-0.


    9:12 pm – Motion by Zaya 2nd by Howie adjourn.  Motion passes 12-0-0.


    9:12 pm – adjourned

    Respectfully submitted,


    Melissa Doherty