Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of March BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Bill Lanagan, Manny Mulas, David O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, Tom Card, Eric Flynn, Paul Malvone, Dave Foresyth, Dave Oatis, Dave Zaya and Bob Regan.


6:00 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by Eric Flynn


6:05 pm:   Meeting called to order.


6:12 pm: Rich P joins


7:38pm:  Joe M. joins meeting.





  • Welcome message –short and concise



  • Motion by Lanagan, seconded by Regan to accept the January and February 2016 meeting minutes.  Motion passes 10-0-0. 




  • Motion by Card, seconded by Oatis to accept January financials.Motion passes 10-0-0

  • Scholarship- 5-10 year plan.Scholarship Committee will take care of the plan.Ready for August meeting.



  • Nothing specific was discussed



    Fields & Buildings

  • Permits being obtained for intown and travel coaches meeting




  • Opening day preps- turning water on, town approval, etc.


    Director of Coaching

  • Review WFC organizational documents - Policy & proposal. Discussion on WFC Proposal regarding origin of WFC program. BOD recommended to reconfigure final wording through PCD and present to BOD for April meeting.



    VP of Administration


  • GNO-4/3- still waiting on permit. High School Gym with Villanova as back-up

  • Retirement gift for Ed Harrison from WYSA.Motion for gift for Ed Harrison by Bob Regan for up to $50, 2nd by Foresyth.Motion passes 11-0-0

  • Next Constant Contact email will be sent in mid-March.

  • CORI & adult registration checks for new coaches to start in March


    VP Development

  • Coaches meetings:3/23 Ian Mulliner and 4/2.How to get more coaches from WYSA involved?

  • 4/2 NSCAA coaching opportunity

  • U10 Revs Day.We have 8 WYSA team participating



  • PPE general schedule is posted on website.

  • When communication should be given to membership on DOB change. This should be a separate email sent to parents.



  • Need ticket sale help from BOD to send out to their friends and travel/intown teams.

  • Melissa is helping with sponsors.


    Travel Refs

  • 3 refs are leaving and 2 more certified for the Spring


    Intown & Intown Refs

  • 10% above 2015 spring numbers

  • Co-ed 6-9 only 1 sign-up.

  • 10 girls signed up in the 3-5 age group





  • Travel uniforms- orders in for U16 and U18.
  • In-town uniforms ordered this week.





Communicated to staff, all are returning for the spring season. 



-Breakers tickets-tough time selling the tickets.  Thank you to people and to show appreciation.

-Motion by Regan, seconded by Mulas to allocate 100% of Breakers tickets to show appreciation to our membership.  Motion passes 11-0-0


-Concussion-100% required for travel coaches.  We will send concussion information to all membership


-GU14-6 -player pass available from Mass Youth.  Still to be voted in by Middlesex League   Motion by Foresyth, seconded by Mulas to vote the Dracut player to member into WYSA soccer.  Motion passes 11-0-0.


Scholarship program: roles and responsibilities will be discussed at the next meeting


-Motion by Pereira, seconded by Zaya to allow travel uniform kits to be used for a second year.  There would be a reduced fee for the second year.  The choice would be left up to parents.  2nd Dave Z. Motion passes 8-2-1. 


Motion by Lanagan, seconded by Maeilla to approve the 3 Wildcat FC Documents.  Motion passes 10-0-1


8:13pm:  Motion by Foresyth. 2nd by Maiella to enter executive session


8:42pm- Motion by Pereira, seconded by Card to leave executive session and adjourn.  Motion passes 11-0-0.


Bill Lanagan

Acting Secretary