Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of February BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Bill Lanagan, Manny Mulas, David O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, Tom Card, Eric Flynn, Melissa Doherty, Paul Malvone, Dave Foresyth, Joe Maiella, Dave Oatis, Dave Zaya, Sean Broussard and Neil Buckley


Dave Foresyth joins at 6:02 pm


Dave O’Mahony joins at 6:09 pm


Melissa Doherty joins at 6:35 pm


Sean Broussard joins at 7:20 pm


6:00 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by Eric Flynn



BOD Meeting Minutes: 


  • No motions were made





  • Welcome message



  • Next Constant Contact email will be sent in mid-February.

  • CORI & adult registration checks for new coaches to start in late February



  • Minor updates discussed regarding 2016 budget.




  • Board jacket for Dave Z has been ordered


    Fields & Buildings

  • No updates were discussed



  • Healthy Kids Out of School Presentation from Tufts was presented

    • Information is now required reading for F licenses

    • WYSA was a pilot group.We hope to make small changes in concessions over time.We introduced 5 new health items: Hummus, mini-pretzels, mini-carrots, Greek yogurt and string cheese.

    • Hummus was not a success but string cheese was a big seller.These items can be accepted and profitable over time.


      Director of Coaching

  • Google calendar created with WYSA events and distributed to the membership

  • Summer 2016 clinics and camps being planned

  • March 23rd- Coaching Education Seminar with Mass Youth


    VP of Administration

  • Saturday April 2.Six hour NSCAA coaching Level 3 clinic being hosted by WYSA at Wilmington Middle School.$50.Permit was requested and we already have the permit.

  • Reminder of free coaching night on Wednesday 3/23 at the Middle School

  • Numbers at 104 for Winter Clinics


    VP Development

  • No updates were given.



  • Updates regarding player initiatives and age brackets.Travel policy changes were postponed pending further discussion with the travel subcommittee.



  • Need ticket sale help from BOD to send out to their friends and travel/intown teams


    Travel Refs

  • Assignor re-cert class being held on Jan 31 in Woburn.

  • Ref overpayment almost resolved, received checks from all refs, working with Tom to wrap up.


    Intown & Intown Refs

  • 2016 schedules finalized and published to the websites

  • Concerns will lack of player sign ups in the COED 6-9 grade

  • More aggressive coach recruiting take place for the Spring

  • Inclusion of Pre-K/Kinder coaches at the Intown pre-season coach meeting.






  • Motion by Foresyth, seconded by Mulas to nominate the Travel subcommittee of: Andy Lavigne, Christopher Parr, Darwin Molina, Julie Eich, Rebecca Lawler, Bill Lanagan, Dave Oatis, Rich Pereira, Dave Foresyth, Joe Maiella, Manny Mulas, Eric Redder.Motion passes 14-0-0.

  • Motion by Regan, seconded by Flynn to nominate the following GNO committee members of Dina Gentile, Rachell Granara, Caryn Goulet, Amy Young and Bob Regan.Motion Passes 14-0-0.

  • Motion by Regan seconded by Zaya to nominate the scholarship committee of Sean Broussard, Tom Card, Eric Forstier and Peter Lagunilla,Motion passes 14-0-0.

  • Travel uniforms: Rich presented options for intown and travel uniforms.Rich to query the group to gather feedback and work on next steps.

  • Motion by Card, seconded by Dave Foresyth to approve the 2016 budget.Motion passes 15-0-0

  • Wildcats FC: Skills Academy set for the Spring.FC program will be launching in February to the membership. We will have a wait list of both programs.

  • GU14-6 team- team will play the Spring season with 14 players.

  • Age brackets: USSF starts Fall 2016.Middlesex starts Fall 2017.

  • PPE Dates: First PPE day: May 15th (Sunday).Second PPE Day: May 16th through the 19th.Publicize via FB/website/etc.Get schedule from Dave for each age group.

9:12 pm – Motion by Foresyth, 2nd by Buckley to leave executive session. Motion passes 14-0-0.


9:12 pm – Motion by Card, 2nd by O’Mahony to leave executive session. Motion passes 14-0-0


9:12 pm – Motion by Pereira 2nd by Buckley adjourn.  Motion passes 14-0-0.


9:12 pm – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Doherty